just bc someone has low self esteem or has depression doesnt mean theyre not fucking disgusting and manipulative and i keep having to learn this lesson over and over

If someone uses their mental illnesses as an excuse to hurt you without apologizing you get the fuck out of there. My abuser would use it as an excuse and make me feel guilty for my hurt feelings because it wasn’t his fault he was cruel to me.



i am so pissed off at people making posts completely invalidating the whole fandom’s opinion on haru’s writing bc they were apparently so much more observant and caught all the magical hidden hints during S2 about haru going pro in the end.

i think what y’all aren’t getting is the fact that none of us are annoyed he’s going pro. we pretty much expected it. it’s the fact that nobody gave haru a second choice, nobody gave him guidance, or an alternative to swimming. he said he wasn’t sure and people either pushed him towards it or left him to “figure it out” himself. the only attempt to give haru more options was from nagisa, who told him he’s a great cook and artist and therefore gave him a way out had he not chosen swimming in the end.

initially i was glad that rin took haru with him. change in scenery, meeting new people, having different experiences broadened his horizons, which were horribly limited. it’s the time span and the way the gears apparently shifted in haru’s head that left me (and i suppose other people in the fandom as well) unsatisfied. this episode was flashback after flashback and very rin-pov. 

the idea that the olympic pool was the reason haru decided to swim is dumb, yes. it wasn’t that. it was the fact that rin, as always, brought out haru’s competitive side when everybody else tried to keep it dormant. but it was also that australian swimmer. he seemed happy and relaxed with what he was doing, away from pushy scouts, bright flashing lights and the pressure to live up to everybody’s expectations. 

all in all, yes, haru going pro was predictable and not as shocking. but the way it was delivered was indeed rushed and “choppy”. 


become a swimming coach or trainer 


swim with his friends for fun

Anonymous inquired: what didn't you like about this ep?


Basically, instead of creating an original ending, Kyoani went with exactly what everyone expected them to do.

Throughout the season, Haru has shown nothing but anxiety, resistance, and anger towards even the THOUGHT of swimming professionally. And now, just because he saw a pool in Australia, he somehow has the passion to follow this career path? A career path he has been fighting ever day for the whole fucking summer??? He sees these professional swimmers — people he’s literally had NIGHTMARES about becoming because he didn’t want to become the industry’s toy— and he isn’t scared anymore?

Wtf?? That’s horrible writing. Yeah, it’s character development from fear to excitement about the future, but it would’ve been more moving if Haru DIDNT end up doing what everyone expected him to do.

I wanted to see Haru continue to refuse to be pressured into something he DOES. NOT. WANT. I wanted him to find his own way, find an original dream where he could be free for himself. What lesson does becoming a professional swimmer teach? Follow what everyone wants you to do? Go with your natural talents, even if it’s terrifying and you don’t want to do it?

They repeated the symbol of the free bird throughout this episode, but since when do birds let themselves be forced into a cages that everyone wants them to be in? If Haru was really gonna embody the bird symbol, he would have went against the tides and not been chained down by others’ expectations. He would have been loyal to his own feelings and decided to do whatever he thought would make him feel most at peace.

Not to mention that the ending is unrealistic. Let me tell you, you don’t just magically realize your dream like that. You don’t suddenly want to follow a career path that you fear and hate just because you see some professionals in that field.

That ending was such fucking bullshit because it taught that you should let yourself be forced into a future you don’t want and that eventually all your problems will wondrously be solved. Fat fucking chance. That’s not how it works in real life and I hoped that they would’ve conveyed that. Unfortunately, they didn’t and I am extremely disappointed.


i just almost missed my train because i was taking a personality quiz to find out what fruit I am

anyway, maybe it’s just time for us to go our own ways?


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